This is the Home-based learning topic for SLF.

(1) Online Resources

Go to this website and go through the "Introduction to Probability".

Continue on to the rest of the Probability Unit (links are at the bottom of the page). You should also attempt the practice exercises that follow each lesson as you move along.

If you need more reinforcements on certain concepts, refer to these sites:

- Probability of a single event
- Probability of combined events
- Independent and dependent events
- Mutually Exclusive events
- Complement of an event

More online practice:

(2) Powerpoint Slides

(3) Notes

Download and go through these notes:

(4) Practices

Online Quiz

(5) Classical Problems in Probability [Optional]

Birthday Problem
Do you know that in a group of 23 girls, the chance that at least two girls will share the same birth date is about 50%. Can you prove it?

The Monty Hall Problem – to switch or not to switchJane is in a game show. She is confronted with 3 doors A, B and C. Behind one door is a car and behind the other two are goats. If she selects a door that hide a car, she will get to drive away the car. Suppose, she picks door A. The host, knowing what is behind the door, opens another door with the goat. He then asks Jane whether she wants to reconsider her choice. Should she switch?

Go to to play the game